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Why the Dow Surged 280+ Points Today

12.17.2014: If you look at the Dow’s performance today, something moved the market in a big way right around 2:00 PM EST. The major indices started the trading day on a solid footing,... Read more

Five Things You Should Be Doing In This Market

12.16.2014: If the past few trading days have been any indicator, Wall Street hasn't quite gotten the memo that it's supposed to be the "happiest time of year." However, there is still... Read more

60 Actions to Take on Today's Pullback

12.15.2014: During these busy times, it pays to stay on top of the latest profit opportunities. And today’s blog post should be a great place to start. After taking a close look at... Read more

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12.12.2014: This Week's Top 5 Reports About the U.S. Economy

12.11.2014: Retail Sector Snapshot


Taking the Long View

Instead of being treated to a Santa Claus rally, the markets were treated to a visit from the Grinch this week. While the market has sloshed around all week, there were a few events that really moved the market. In this Weekly Update, let’s review the market forces at play here and how I expect it to impact the Buy List. From falling oil prices to China’s economic outlook to new dividend announcements, there’s a lot of ground to cover this week, so click ahead to get caught up.... Read more

Time to "Think," Then "Act"

The holiday spirit has been dampened a bit in the past week with concerns over oil prices China and the European economy. In this environment, our Emerging Growth stocks have grown more volatile—but that doesn't mean we should knee-jerk react to the news. Instead, it's time for us to 'think' and then 'act'—which is exactly what we're going to do in December Emerging Growth Issue. Yes, we will be curtailing our energy exposure in those stocks that have become too volatile. But we will also... Read more

Emerging Growth12.12.2014

Are Falling Crude Oil Prices a Positive or a Negative?

In the past few weeks, investors have been distracted by falling energy prices. Most are trying to discern if falling crude oil prices will boost economic growth or if the energy decline is due to slumping global demand. So in today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll take a closer look at the recent plunge in crude oil prices, discuss how its impacting prices at the pump and retail sales, and cover why global oil demand is still growing. In addition, China has been making its share of headlines i... Read more

Ultimate Growth12.15.2014

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"Delta Air Lines, Inc." (DAL)

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"Delta Air Lines, Inc." (DAL) Strong Buy

  • Volatility Conservative
  • Top Competitors JBLU, HA, ALK
  • Fundamental Grade C
  • Quantitative Grade A
  • Total Grade A

Delta Air Lines, Inc. provides scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo in the United States and internationally. The company operates at airports in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-JFK, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Salt Lake City, and Tokyo-Narita. It also provides aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul services...

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