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Get Caught Up On The Economy In Two Minutes

10.09.2015: It's Friday and that means it's time to review the latest economic data and identify which pockets of the economy are heating up and which are slowing down. Don't worry about catching... Read more

The Calm Before the Earnings Season Storm

10.08.2015: This morning, the major indices opened flat as investors collectively held their breath for third-quarter earnings season to start tonight. And I must admit that I can't blame them. Analysts expect the... Read more

YUM Tanks on Poor China Sales

10.07.2015: While U.S. markets are bouncing back after yesterday’s breather, Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) shares are taking a hit today, falling about 19%. The reason for the bloodbath today can be summed up... Read more

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A Topsy-Turvy Week

In a word, this was a topsy-turvy week on Wall Street. A broad-based rally early in the week seemed to reward the losers and punish the winners. So, while our Buy List gained a respectable 1.0% this week (and our Top 5 stocks finished 1.9% higher), it got smoked by the broader indices. A number of astute readers have written in to ask me: “Louis, what gives?” That’s a great question, and in this Weekly Update I explain exactly what happened. I cover whether this changes my prediction for thir... Read more

An Upside-Down Market

The stock market was turned on its head this week, as a big short-covering rally rewarded the weakest stocks. Winners became losers; losers became winners. What's interesting is that this week's market leaders were stocks expected to post horrific sales and earnings. So I look for the market to right itself in short order, as third-quarter earnings announcements are released in the coming days and weeks. In today's Weekly Update, we'll discuss the stock market's odd week and which stocks wer... Read more

Emerging Growth10.09.2015

Another Retest Is Likely

While the S&P 500 and Dow are staging a nice rally this morning, both up more than 1%, last week was another bumpy ride on Wall Street. As you know, the stock market staged another successful 'retest' of its August 24 lows last Monday. The good news was that the retest was on light volume, so no one was panicking. The bad news is that another retest is likely this month. So in today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll take a closer look at what caused the market to pull back sharply last Monday and... Read more

Ultimate Growth10.05.2015

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