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Get Caught Up On This Week's Economic News


It's Friday and that means it's time to review the latest economic data and identify which pockets of the economy are heating up and which are slowing down. Don't worry about catching... Read more

Earnings Buzz: Netflix Inc. (NFLX)


The story behind Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) is fascinating. After the video streaming service's ill-fated (and short-lived) Quikster spin-off, the stock plunged to $50 per share in 2012. Fast forward three years later... Read more

An Earnings Audit Of Five Top Banks

04.15.2015: Every so often, I get asked: Is it time to invest in financial institutions again? I used to be a banking analyst and have advised my subscribers and management clients to largely... Read more

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04.14.2015: A Tale of Three Hardware Suppliers

04.13.2015: These 68 Blue Chips Are On the Move


Your May Issue of Blue Chip Growth

As today demonstrated, it doesn’t take much for stock investors to start singing a different tune. Leading up to today’s pullback, there was a wave of optimism on stock exchanges around the world. And in the May Blue Chip Growth issue, I cover the market forces that are affecting investor sentiment, and whether now is a good time to be bullish. I also revisit the latest news with the U.S. Federal Reserve. The U.S. economy has taken an unexpected turn, and the Federal Reserve is being forced... Read more

Global Stock Markets Take a Breather

I know the topic on everyone's mind today is the sharp selloff in global stock markets. Today's pullback was triggered by several factors, mainly China trading restrictions, Greece fears, poor earnings announcements and rising inflation. However, despite today's selloff, the foundation of the market remains firm. What's interesting is that the stock market strength isn't limited to the U.S. Not only are European stock markets strong, but Asian markets are also showing incredible strength. So... Read more

Emerging Growth04.17.2015

Two Factors Driving the Stock Markets

Last week was another stunning week for our Ultimate Growth stocks. Led by double-digit gains in a number of our Asian stocks, our Buy List rose an average 4% last week, which walloped the S&P 500's 1% gain. So after a pretty dismal March, I'm sure you're wondering what's driving the stock market higher in April so far. Well, there are two main factors: rising stock market optimism and merger and acquisition activity. So in today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll take a closer look at both of the... Read more

Ultimate Growth04.13.2015

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