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Buzz Words You Need to Know to Profit This Earnings Season

04.23.2014: Earnings season is judgment day for stocks. It happens four times a year, after the last month of each quarter (March, June, September, December), as public companies release their earnings results from... Read more

This Biotech Stock Is A Screaming Buy After Earnings

04.22.2014: I've had my eye on one particular biotech stock for quite some time. After pulling back in some of the general choppiness affecting the industry, shares are surging in after-market trading after... Read more

80 Trades to Make Earnings Season Work for You

04.21.2014: Fortunately, Wall Street finally noticed that earnings season is well underway and that is great news for investors. And it's only going to heat up from here. So if you haven't already,... Read more

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Your May Issue of Blue Chip Growth

As the saying goes: “April’s showers bring May’s flowers.” That was definitely applicable on Wall Street in recent weeks as short sellers poured cold water on any potential celebration of the spring thaw. I know the volatility was unsettling, but everything I’m seeing indicates this was simply a rotational correction, and a healthy one at that. I expect April’s showers to produce plenty of wealth-building flowers. To prepare ourselves for the changes to come, I have three exciting new buys to... Read more

On Your Mark, Get Set...

As I said in our last Weekly Update, it was increasingly looking like the early pullback in April was an overdone rotational correction, and that many of our stocks were poised for an impressive rebound. And sure enough, in the last week our Emerging Growth stocks have rallied strongly, and looking forward as we head into the first-quarter earnings season, I expect to see our positions really heat up. I'll discuss the details in this Weekly Update, plus the biggest news from our ... Read more

Emerging Growth04.18.2014

Outperforming the Uptick

Our holdings steadily improved with the overall stock market last week and posted an average gain of 3% while the S&P was up about 2%. In today's Ultimate Growth Weekly Profit Guide, we'll talk about some of the positive economic headlines that are helping the market as well as our stocks and cover a number of important company updates. Read more

Ultimate Growth04.21.2014

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AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC)

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AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC) Hold

  • Volatility Conservative
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  • Fundamental Grade C
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  • Total Grade C

AmerisourceBergen Corporation, a pharmaceutical services company, provides drug distribution and related services to healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers primarily in the United States and Canada. The company distributes brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter healthcare products, home healthcare supplies and equipment, and related services to various healthcare providers, including acute care...

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