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Action Plan for the Market's Pullback

03.26.2015: It was a nice run while it lasted. Last week, the latest FOMC minutes sparked a celebration on Wall Street that ended up lasting through Monday. However, the party came to an... Read more

Forget Kraft: Here's My Top Groceries Stock

03.25.2015: The food products industry is on the cusp of a major shakeup. As I write this, shares of Kraft Foods Group (KRFT) are surging 35% on news that it’s merging with H.J.... Read more

Are There Buying Opportunities In the Energy Sector?

03.24.2015: Are oil prices making a comeback? At first glance, it sure looks like it. We've seen modest gains at the pump over the past two months. But is it really time to... Read more

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03.23.2015: My 46 Stock Recommendations for the Week

03.20.2015: 4 Things You Should Know About the Economy


Your April Issue of Blue Chip Growth

The stock market finished up the week on a high note after the positive Fed announcement. Despite this, the S&P 500 is still in the red since I published the last monthly issue, having fallen 0.1%. Meanwhile, the flight to quality has begun; our Buy List rallied 4.0% in the past four weeks. In our April 2015 issue of Blue Chip Growth, I kick things off by answering the question that’s on everyone’s minds: When will the Fed raise interest rates, and how should we prepare? I then dive into m... Read more

Fed Continues to Stand Pat

This biggest headline this week was, of course, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement on Wednesday. As expected, the Federal Reserve maintained its ultra-low interest rate policy, and squashed some of Wall Street's fears of an impending rate hike. However, there are still many who believe that the Fed will raise interest rates this year. They obviously weren't listening on Wednesday. So in today's Weekly Update, we'll take a closer look at the FOMC statement, and I'll discuss wh... Read more

Emerging Growth03.20.2015

Fed Set to Keep Interest Rates Ultra-Low

All eyes were on the Federal Reserve last week, as the long-anticipated Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement was released on Wednesday. Of course, the Fed's comments were much of the same—and an interest rate hike isn't likely in the near future. So in today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll take a closer look at what the Fed statement contained and why Fed Chair Janet Yellen stated that interest rates would not be lifted at the April meeting. We also had several Buy List companies in t... Read more

Ultimate Growth03.23.2015

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