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This Week's Top Economic Reports


It's Friday and that means it's time to review the latest economic data and identify which pockets of the economy are heating up and which are slowing down. Don't worry about catching... Read more

Mid-Year Review: Was I Right about the Stock Market in 2015?


I had to do a double-take when I looked at the calendar today and realized that we’ve nearly reached the end of April. It feels like just yesterday when we were ringing... Read more

Two Fast Food Stocks to Sell into Strength

04.22.2015: At first glance, today was a good day for the fast food industry. McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) and Yum! Brands Inc. (YUM), which is behind Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut, both rallied... Read more

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04.21.2015: By This Apparel Stock on the Dip

04.20.2015: 54 Stock Trades Just in Time for Spring


And We're Off!

After a few false starts, it appears that Wall Street is finally starting to pay attention to earnings season. Now that earnings season is the key focus of the market, the flight to quality stocks has begun. This is great news for the Blue Chip Growth Buy List because each and every stock has been handpicked for projected sales and earnings potential. So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that our Buy List is beating the S&P 500 by a wide margin, and I look for this outperformance to contin... Read more

An Interesting Earnings Season

The "washing machine" market is back, folks. Practically every day the market goes up, it is followed by a down day—and vice versa. This week, the market actually gained some ground despite the back and forth, with the S&P 500 rising more than 1% and the Nasdaq breaching a new record high; the first in 15 years. Of course, most of the headlines these days are centered on earnings announcement season. So in today's Weekly Update, we'll discuss the recent market action and first-quarter earnin... Read more

Emerging Growth04.24.2015

Money Continues to Flock to the Stock Market

The stock market has bounced back from the March lows this month, with the S&P 500 rising about 1.4% in April so far. And that's even accounting for the more than 1% tumble on Friday! So in today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll take a brief look at last Friday's pullback as well as discuss what's been supporting global markets rise this month. In addition, there were several important economic news releases last week, including industrial production, retail sales, PPI, CPI and unemployment clai... Read more

Ultimate Growth04.20.2015

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