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My Top Pharmacy Stock for Allergy Season

05.21.2015: With the dollar, healthcare costs and consumer sentiment all on the rise, there is an industry that is the crux of these three powerful trends. I’m talking about pharmacies and drugstores. The... Read more

U.S. Airliners Hit Turbulence: Sell or Buy?

05.20.2015: Today, several major U.S. airliners have run into turbulence on general concerns that increased seating capacity will lead to lower ticket prices, and weigh on forward sales and earnings. Is this sell-off... Read more

My Top Play for the Housing Recovery

05.19.2015: There's no sugarcoating it: The past few weeks have been rough for the U.S. economy. Last week, we found out that retail sales fell flat in April. And the prior week's... Read more

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The Silver Lining to the Rotational Correction

With each quarterly report that’s released, it is increasingly clear just how challenging this earnings season has been. But it's not because our Buy List companies have disappointed, quite the contrary. Despite our strong earnings track record, some our stocks failed to take off after earnings, and some even pulled back. I understand all too well how frustrating it is to see profit taking, but there is a reasonable explanation for this, and even a silver lining to it. In this Weekly Update ... Read more

Volitility Continues

May continued its volatile trend this week as earnings and economic news came in waves that lifted and depressed the market. In today's Emerging Growth Weekly Update. We'll talk about what's happening now, why the market is so prone to these big moves (Hint: Headlines are once again ruling the day.) and what's really important when it comes to economic data. We'll also cover the seven earnings reports we had this week. We have a lot of ground to cover so let's get started. Read more

Emerging Growth05.15.2015

Market Volatility Continues

Despite the continuing volatility this month, global stock markets actually gained some ground last week. In the past week, the S&P 500 rose about 0.3%, while the Dow climbed nearly 1% higher. Our Ultimate Growth Buy List did even better, up about 1.6% in the past week. Much of the continuing volatility is due to mixed economic news. Last week, we received some disappointing reports from the Commerce Department, the Fed and the University of Michigan/Reuters. So in today's Weekly Profit Guid... Read more

Ultimate Growth05.18.2015

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