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Six Signs the Spring Thaw Is Underway for the Economy

04.17.2014: With the NYSE closed tomorrow for Good Friday, I’m delivering my regular economic news feature one day early so that you have this information before logging off for the weekend. So it’s... Read more

Yahoo Surges After Q1 Earnings. Is it Time To Buy?

04.15.2014: As I write this, shares of Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) have gapped up after hours following the internet company's first-quarter earnings report. Is it time to buy? Or is it an opportunity for... Read more

79 Ways to Refocus Your Investing Strategy

04.14.2014: Today Wall Street finally noticed that earnings season is well underway and that is great news for investors. And it's only going to heat up from here. So if you haven't already,... Read more

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04.11.2014: Trend Alert: This Week's Big News About the U.S. Economy

04.10.2014: Action Plan for Today's Big Pullback


A Healthy Yet Hyper Correction

The sun may be shining across much of the U.S. today but it sure seems like a storm cloud has settled over Wall Street lately. Today I pick up where I left off in yesterday's Flash Alert, digging into some of the finer details of what happed to turn the markets on its head over the past few days. And of course I’ll answer the trillion dollar question: Is this the new normal? Is this the end of the bull market or simply a rotational correction? I have the answer for you in this Weekly Update, ... Read more

Ready for First-Quarter Earnings

The market remains in correction mode, and one that is running at hyper speed. But before you get swept up in the knee-jerk reaction, I want to be clear. Now is not the time for panic selling. So in this Emerging Growth Weekly Update, I want to discuss why I remain very bullish for our "bunny" stocks as the first-quarter earnings picks up steam. I'll also get into the biggest headlines for our Buy List companies, and then I'll go over the most important economic news from the last... Read more

Emerging Growth04.11.2014

More Volatility Ahead of Q1 Earnings

It was a rough week, but as I said in our last Weekly Update, typically when there is a big intraday reversal, there will be a "bounce" and then a "retest." That's exactly what we in the market last week. So in today's Ultimate Growth Weekly Update, I'll discuss why I expect the current "manic market" to be sorted out as soon as we head deeper into the first-quarter earnings season and Wall Street refocuses on those stocks that post strong sales and earnings momentum and... Read more

Ultimate Growth04.14.2014

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"PPG Industries, Inc." (PPG)

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"PPG Industries, Inc." (PPG) Buy

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PPG Industries, Inc. manufactures and supplies protective and decorative coatings. The company offers coating products for automotive and commercial transport/fleet repair and refurbishing, specialty coatings for signs, and light industrial coatings; and sealants, coatings, technical cleaners, and transparencies for commercial, military, regional jet, general aviation aircraft, and transparent armor for...

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