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8 Things You Should Know About the Economy


It's Friday and that means it's time to review the latest economic data and identify which pockets of the economy are heating up and which are slowing down. Don't worry about catching... Read more

Buy This, Not That: Sears versus L Brands

02.26.2015: It's no secret that the American consumer is driving the U.S. economic recovery, and some retailers stand to profit in a considerable way. However, not all retailers are benefiting equally from recent... Read more

My Top 3 High-Yield Stocks to Buy Before March

02.25.2015: There's no doubt that dividend stocks have gotten more volatile in recent months. But if you know where to look, there are still plenty of high-quality, high-yield stocks out there. I’ve crunched... Read more

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Know When to Yield

With interest rates collapsing abroad, and with the Fed staying the course at home, yield seekers are left with few options. In my opinion, the only real opportunity is in domestic stocks that are not impacted by the strong dollar and pay a dividend to boot. So in this Weekly Update I’ll explain how this is shaping the direction of the Blue Chip Growth Buy List. I’ll also point you to several of our most promising recent additions to the Buy List. And as always, we’ll dive into the latest ear... Read more

Interest Rates, Earnings & Economic News

It was another busy week, with falling interest rates, the Fed Chairperson's Congressional testimony and earnings reports garnering the most headlines. The biggest surprise was the slip in German bond yields this week, as the five-year bond fell further into negative territory and the seven-year bond dropped into negative territory for the first time. So in today's Weekly Update, we'll discuss the continuing low interest rate environment around the globe, as well as cover the Fed Chairperson... Read more

Emerging Growth02.27.2015

The Deflation Threat

Deflation is alive and well—and clearly a growing worldwide problem. The U.S. is now importing deflation from the Eurozone and a strong U.S. dollar is pushing down commodity prices. As result, the Fed has no intention of raising key interest rates any time soon. In this ultra-low interest rate environment, investors continue to pile into high dividend stocks and stocks with real earnings and sales growth, like our current Ultimate Growth stocks. Our current Buy List holdings have been except... Read more

Ultimate Growth02.23.2015

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