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A Special Podcast on February Volatility

02.11.2016: With the Dow down over 300 points as I write this, I've recorded a special podcast to brief you on what is weighing on the market today. Unstable European banks and falling... Read more

Breaking: ORLY Rallies On Record Q4 Sales and Earnings

02.10.2016: I've had February 10 circled on my calendar in anticipation of this moment: One of my top specialty retailers just trounced analyst expectations, sparking a rally on an otherwise down day for... Read more

8 Keys To Protect Your Profits

02.09.2016: Want to know how to consistently profit during even the worst market conditions? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not through speculation, penny stocks or even parking your money in low-earnings... Read more

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Answers to Your Questions

The first five trading days of February were characterized by the kind of volatility we saw in January. However, unlike last month, our Buy List was hit harder than the broader market. What caused the sudden pullback in our stocks? Is it finally time to cash out and stuff our savings under our mattresses? The first question is a little more complicated, but I have the complete details in the latest Blue Chip Growth Weekly Update. As to the second question, which I’ve received numerous times i... Read more

An Extremely Volatile January

What the heck happened in January? The S&P 500 and Dow both shed more than 5% during the month, even with the two indices tacking on 3% gains in the final two weeks. And if you're like much of Wall Street, you want to know what caused the herky-jerky trading action last month. While we've discussed the recent market volatility quite a bit recently, we'll discuss what was behind January's volatility one more time in the February Monthly Issue. In addition, despite all the stock market distra... Read more

Emerging Growth02.05.2016

Panic Selling Continues Today

While the panic selling on Friday signaled that Wall Street will no longer tolerate high PE ratio stocks, the selling continued today as problems in the energy patch continued to weigh on investors' minds. So in today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll discuss last week's sell off and how it relates to high PE stocks, as well as cover why the energy sector is continuing to wreak havoc on Wall Street. In addition, I'll provide a run down on the latest economic news, and why I think recent data does... Read more

Ultimate Growth02.08.2016

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