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Blue Chip Growth

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Total Portfolio Grade: B

Compare Selected Compare Stock Price Today\'s Change Total Grade Quantitative Grade Fundamental Grade Volatility Competitors Stock Report

Caterpillar Inc.

$106.452.42%A A C Conservative PH, CMI, ITW, SWK View Caterpillar Inc.

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

$89.822.01%A A B Conservative FRC, SIVB, MTB, PNC View JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Intel Corporation

$34.201.63%C C B Conservative AVGO, NVDA, LRCX, SWKS View Intel Corporation

Apple Inc.

$145.831.46%A A C Conservative WDC, LOGI, IVAC, CAJ View Apple Inc.

Visa Inc. Class A

$96.231.40%A A C Conservative DXC, JKHY, MA, PYPL View Visa Inc. Class A

Walt Disney Company

$106.861.38%B B C Conservative CETV, LYV, CABO, TWX View Walt Disney Company

"Goldman Sachs Group, Inc."

$223.221.33%B A B Conservative BLK, SPGI, NTRS, MSCI View

American Express Company

$83.971.07%A A C Conservative GDOT, RM, ENVA, SLM View American Express Company

"Cisco Systems, Inc."

$32.081.01%B B C Conservative ANET, AAOI, HRS, MSI View

Microsoft Corporation

$69.800.85%A A C Conservative PAYC, CHKP, ADBE, SAP View Microsoft Corporation

"NIKE, Inc. Class B"

$53.360.77%C D B Conservative PVH, COH, WWW, SGC View

United Technologies Corporation

$122.500.75%A A B Conservative ESL, NOC, BA, GD View United Technologies Corporation

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

$81.280.73%B B B Conservative SCL, WLK, KWR, CCF View E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

"Wal-Mart Stores, Inc."

$76.510.66%C C C Conservative WFM, WILC, SPTN, PSMT View

"Home Depot, Inc."

$153.230.65%B B C Conservative TIF, RH, KMX, WINA View

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

$185.700.60%B A B Conservative CHE, ANTM, DGX, WCG View UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

Coca-Cola Company

$45.320.60%C C C Conservative COKE, ROX, FIZZ, PEP View Coca-Cola Company

Exxon Mobil Corporation

$81.530.52%D F B Conservative DK, CNXC, MPC, TGS View Exxon Mobil Corporation

3M Company

$210.620.40%A A C Conservative ROP, RAVN, PHG, HON View 3M Company

McDonald's Corporation

$154.300.38%B B C Conservative CHDN, VAC, DPZ, MTN View McDonald's Corporation

International Business Machines Corporation

$155.320.37%C C C Conservative V, JKHY, DXC, MA View International Business Machines Corporation

Boeing Company

$199.620.37%A A B Conservative ESL, NOC, GD, UTX View Boeing Company

"Travelers Companies, Inc."

$127.780.31%C B C Conservative RGA, AON, NWLI, RE View

Chevron Corporation

$104.280.20%D D C Conservative DK, MPC, TGS, CNXC View Chevron Corporation

Verizon Communications Inc.

$44.840.00%F F C Conservative OTEL, TEO, TLK, GNCMA View Verizon Communications Inc.

Pfizer Inc.

$33.75-0.06%C D C Conservative PAHC, ZTS, HSKA, SUPN View Pfizer Inc.

Procter & Gamble Company

$88.37-0.27%B B C Conservative CENTA, HRG, CENT, SPB View Procter & Gamble Company

General Electric Company

$27.08-0.48%D D B Conservative ROP, MMM, PHG, RAVN View General Electric Company

"Merck & Co., Inc."

$65.16-0.58%B B C Conservative ZTS, PAHC, HSKA, SUPN View

Johnson & Johnson

$133.82-0.88%B B C Conservative SUPN, ZTS, PAHC, HSKA View Johnson & Johnson
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Louis' Portfolio Review - A

Excellent! This is an A-grade portfolio containing some of today's best stocks. Keep a close eye on these companies to be sure they maintain their good-standing. And lastly, be sure you're well diversified, it's important not to overweight any one stock in your portfolio (no matter how good it is).

Louis' Portfolio Review - B

Good. This is a B-grade portfolio, so there are some nice stocks in this portfolio! Of course, what investor isn't striving to do even better? To improve the Total Grade of this portfolio from a B to an A, weed out the lowest rated stocks and add some more A-rated if you can. (See Louis' Weekly Ratings and Louis' Portfolios)

Louis' Portfolio Review - C

Not Bad. This is a C-grade portfolio and warrants a closer look. Some of these stocks are better than others, as sometimes even the best stocks need to take a breather before returning to an A or B rating. Watch these stocks very carefully. Consider cutting what you can and adding today's A-rated stocks for better performance.

Louis' Portfolio Review - D

Not good. This is a D-grade portfolio containing under-performing stocks. You deserve better! To improve this portfolio's Total Grade, get rid of the under-performing D and F-rated stocks and add today's A-rated stocks as soon as you can. (See This Week's Stock Lists and Louis' Portfolios)

Louis' Portfolio Review - F

Danger! This is an F-grade portfolio containing some of today's worst performing stocks. You deserve better! To improve this portfolio's Total Grade, get rid of the failing D and F-rated stocks and add today's top A-rated stocks as soon as you can. (See This Week's Stock Lists and Louis' Portfolios)