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Blue Chip Growth

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Total Portfolio Grade: C

Compare Selected Compare Stock Price Today\'s Change Total Grade Quantitative Grade Fundamental Grade Volatility Competitors Stock Report

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

$16.721.70%D F B Conservative LABL, SRCL, RSG, CVA View R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

"PulteGroup, Inc."

$20.90-0.14%C C D Conservative LEG, SKUL, GRBK, CSS View

"Apollo Education Group, Inc. Class A"

$34.173.58%B B B Moderate GHC, STRA, XRS, TAX View

"Expeditors International of Washington, Inc."

$43.730.05%C C B Conservative RLGT, AIRT, ECHO, XPO View

McKesson Corporation

$211.12-0.40%B A B Conservative ABC, ENSG, HNT, HCA View McKesson Corporation

"Citrix Systems, Inc."

$63.13-0.25%C C C Conservative CUDA, GAME, TTWO, PLUS View

Teradata Corporation

$44.293.02%C D C Conservative BAH, SAIC, SRT, CRTN View Teradata Corporation

"Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc."

$79.630.89%C C C Conservative CMG, MAR, NATH, RCL View

Dynegy Inc.

$30.75-0.68%B B D Moderate HNP, CPN, ELLO, AT View Dynegy Inc.

"Noble Energy, Inc."

$51.193.58%F F C Conservative MPLX, MMP, WGP, SRLP View

Precision Castparts Corp.

$237.000.21%D F C Conservative TDG, LMT, GD, COL View Precision Castparts Corp.

Janus Capital Group Inc.

$15.92-0.13%B B C Conservative MMI, HNNA, PJC, AI View Janus Capital Group Inc.

Ball Corporation

$68.611.15%A A B Conservative PKG, GPK, BERY, SEE View Ball Corporation

Chesapeake Energy Corporation

$19.863.76%D F C Conservative TEP, PSXP, SRLP, MPLX View Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Equifax Inc.

$81.060.02%B A C Conservative CTP, RHI, MARA, GPX View Equifax Inc.

"Wynn Resorts, Limited"

$150.113.45%D D C Conservative CMG, MAR, NATH, RCL View

Southwest Airlines Co.

$40.26-0.89%A A B Conservative JBLU, HA, ALK, DAL View Southwest Airlines Co.

Masco Corporation

$25.310.96%C C B Conservative PATK, APT, TREX, ALLE View Masco Corporation

AK Steel Holding Corporation

$6.253.82%D D C Aggressive HNH, SBGL, RIC, CENX View AK Steel Holding Corporation


$9.30-0.21%D D B Moderate WRB, CISG, ALL, AFSI View MBIA Inc.

United States Steel Corporation

$28.59-0.21%C C B Moderate HNH, SBGL, FSM, CENX View United States Steel Corporation

"Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc."

$20.091.01%B B B Conservative RENT, RDI, AHC, AMCN View

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Class A

$27.57-0.54%D D C Conservative AZO, LB, MUSA, LOW View Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Class A

"Advanced Micro Devices, Inc."

$2.570.78%D F D Moderate OVTI, ASX, VIMC, AMBA View

KB Home

$16.10-1.17%D D C Moderate LEG, SKUL, GRBK, LBY View KB Home

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation

$84.760.53%B B B Conservative CMG, JACK, NATH, MAR View Wyndham Worldwide Corporation

Altera Corporation

$37.22-0.72%B B C Conservative MTSI, RFMD, TQNT, VIMC View Altera Corporation

Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.

$32.021.75%D D C Moderate RVSB, LPSB, WSBF, PSBH View Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc.

"Expedia, Inc."

$88.060.31%B B B Conservative VIPS, HSNI, MMYT, QVCA View

"Teradyne, Inc."

$19.83-1.25%C C C Conservative AMBA, VIMC, IDTI, RFMD View
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Louis' Portfolio Review - A

Excellent! This is an A-grade portfolio containing some of today's best stocks. Keep a close eye on these companies to be sure they maintain their good-standing. And lastly, be sure you're well diversified, it's important not to overweight any one stock in your portfolio (no matter how good it is).

Louis' Portfolio Review - B

Good. This is a B-grade portfolio, so there are some nice stocks in this portfolio! Of course, what investor isn't striving to do even better? To improve the Total Grade of this portfolio from a B to an A, weed out the lowest rated stocks and add some more A-rated if you can. (See Louis' Weekly Ratings and Louis' Portfolios)

Louis' Portfolio Review - C

Not Bad. This is a C-grade portfolio and warrants a closer look. Some of these stocks are better than others, as sometimes even the best stocks need to take a breather before returning to an A or B rating. Watch these stocks very carefully. Consider cutting what you can and adding today's A-rated stocks for better performance.

Louis' Portfolio Review - D

Not good. This is a D-grade portfolio containing under-performing stocks. You deserve better! To improve this portfolio's Total Grade, get rid of the under-performing D and F-rated stocks and add today's A-rated stocks as soon as you can. (See This Week's Stock Lists and Louis' Portfolios)

Louis' Portfolio Review - F

Danger! This is an F-grade portfolio containing some of today's worst performing stocks. You deserve better! To improve this portfolio's Total Grade, get rid of the failing D and F-rated stocks and add today's top A-rated stocks as soon as you can. (See This Week's Stock Lists and Louis' Portfolios)