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Company Profile

China TransInfo Technology Corp. provides intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and related technology solutions for the transportation industry in China. The company develops various applications in transportation, digital city, and land and resource filling systems based on geographic information systems (GIS) technologies. Its ITS include transportation planning information system, electronic toll collection, traffic information integration and exchange platform, traffic emergency command center, transportation hub comprehensive management information system, intelligent traffic management platform, intelligent parking system, traffic flow surveying solutions, GIS-T middleware, highway electronics and machinery system solution, UNISITS highway lightening and energy saving product, UNISITS weigh-in-motion system, and passenger flow statistic, detecting, and analysis system. The company also provides commercial vehicle ITS and location based services, such as commercial vehicles monitoring and public service platform, passenger coach public service platform, commercial vehicles comprehensive information service operation platform, commercial vehicles terminal products, taxi LED advertisement dynamic display system, and taxi LED GPS monitoring and coordinating system. In addition, it offers other vehicle and consumer ITS applications comprising palmcity telematics service platform, palmcity real-time traffic information terminal software, palmcity smart phone public transport information service system, auto energy-saving analysis service system, and D-TIPS dynamic transportation information processing and prediction service system. Further, the company provides solutions for transportation oriented GIS, covering transportation planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation. China TransInfo Technology Corp. is based in Beijing, China.

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