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Stock Report: Nidec Corporation Sponsored ADR (NJ) Report Updated: Jan 26, 2015 | Print This Page

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Nidec Corporation Sponsored ADR (NJ)

Rating: Hold Volatility: Conservative
Total Grade: C Industry: Electrical Equipment
Competitors: AMOT, MAG, AYI, SLI
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Company Profile

Nidec Corporation engages in the manufacture and sale of electric motors and related components and equipment worldwide. It offers small precision motors, such as hard disk drives spindle motors; small precision brushless direct-current (DC) motors for optical disk drives, laser printers, copiers, and polygon scanners; brushless DC fans for game machine consoles, microprocessor units, servers, personal computers, communication devices, and automobiles; and other small precision motors for refrigerator ice makers, mobile phones, CD players, DVD recorders, and other products. The company also offers general motors, including automotive motors for power steering systems, dual-clutch transmission systems, engine and fuel cell cooling systems, seat adjusters, window lifts, door lock actuators, and traction systems; home appliance motors for air conditioning and air purification systems, washing machines, refrigerators, and dish washers; and industrial motors for machine tools, heat pump and water heater systems, elevators, barrier-free facilities, electric tools, and air compressors. In addition, it offers machinery consisting of transfer robots for liquid-crystal-display panels and semiconductor wafers, as well as card readers, high-speed pressing machines, and power transmission systems; electronic and optical components, such as shutters and lens for digital still cameras and mobile phones, as well as switches, trimmer potentiometers, actuators, precision plastic moldings, and plastic metal casings; and pivot assemblies for hard disk drives, control valves for automotive transmissions, and music boxes, as well as provides logistics services. The company sells its products to the manufacturers of hard disk drives, electric household appliances, automation equipment, automotive components, home video game consoles, telecommunication equipment, and audio-visual equipment. Nidec Corporation was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

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