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Stock Report: "PROS Holdings, Inc." (PRO) Report Updated: Feb 08, 2016 | Print This Page

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"PROS Holdings, Inc." (PRO)

Rating: Strong Sell Volatility: Moderate
Total Grade: F Industry: Software
Competitors: NTWK, SSNI, MSFT, GSB

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Company Profile

PROS Holdings, Inc. provides pricing and revenue management software for manufacturing, distribution, services, and travel industries. The company offers PROS Pricing Solution Suite, a set of integrated software solutions that enable enterprises to apply pricing and revenue management science. Its PROS Pricing Solution Suite consists of Scientific Analytics for companies to gain insight into their pricing performance; Price Optimizer that streamlines pricing processes and creates pricing policy controls; and Deal Optimizer, which recommends optimized prices and products on a transaction specific basis. The company also provides PROS Revenue Management Solution Suite, a set of integrated software solutions that enable enterprises to drive revenue and profit-maximizing business strategies. Its PROS Revenue Management Solution Suite comprises solutions, including PROS Analytics for Airlines to identify hidden revenue leaks and opportunities; PROS Revenue Management that manages passenger demand with leg or segment-based revenue management; PROS O&D, which manages passenger demand with passenger name record based revenue management; PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing that determines optimal prices based on real-time evaluations; PROS Group Revenue Management, which manages revenues related to group requests and bookings; PROS Network Revenue Planning that delivers network-oriented fare class segmentation; PROS Cruise Pricing and Revenue Management, which allows customers to understand their consumers’ price sensitivities, track competitor behavior, and set prices and availability; and PROS Hotel Revenue Management for pricing decision making. In addition, the company offers professional, and support and maintenance services. PROS Holdings, Inc. markets its software solutions through its direct global sales force; and indirectly through resellers, alliance partners, and system integrators. The company was incorporated in 1985 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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