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27 Crumbling Giants You Must Sell Now

After everything we've seen as early 21st century investors, Wall Street's pundits still seem to believe that some companies are "too big to fail." But if I agreed with Wall Street, my system wouldn't have beaten Wall Street 3-to-1 for over 15 years now.

Discover the names of these 27 massive companies my research reveals you need to sell immediately.

5 Bulletproof Stocks to Buy Now

Volatility is back with a vengeance lately, and it looks likely that it's here to stay as investors fret about an aging bull market, weaker than expected earnings, another global slowdown, and a rise in interest rates.

Protect yourself and your portfolio with the only type of stock you should buy in today's market…Bulletproof blue chip growth stocks. Learn about the 5 Bulletproof stocks that will continue to profit regardless of what the market is doing.

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