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Top Two Economic Reports for This Week


With the Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow, today is the last day of the week for the markets. That means we’ll review the latest economic data a little early this week to identify which pockets of the economy are heating up and which are slowing down. Let’s take a look at this week’s big headlines…

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11.17.2017 Top Four Economic Reports of the Week

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Stocks Keep Busy Amid Short Holiday Week

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! It’s probably shaping up to be a busy week for you, as you prepare for tomorrow’s holiday. While it’s a shorter week for Wall Street, it’s becoming a busy one for both the stock market and our Blue Chip Growth Buy List stocks. In fact, the S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq all rallied to new highs this week. But what’s great is that our Buy List continues to outpace the benchmark indices. So before you settle in with family, friends, food and football, let’s review a few deve... Read more

Emerging Growth11.22.2017

Small-Caps Lead Market Higher

Due to Thanksgiving this week, I'm sending your Emerging Growth Weekly Update a few days early. So before you celebrate with friends and family, let's take a few minutes to review what's happened in the stock market and our Buy List stocks this week. Specifically, we'll review Monday's Flash Alert, where we sold Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AAOI). I'll also provide an update on one of our Buy List stocks that has many of you concerned ahead of its third-quarter earnings report next week. Read more

Ultimate Growth11.20.2017

A Few Buy List Changes Before Thanksgiving

With the third-quarter earnings season largely over and the seasonally strong time of year officially here, I'm looking for Wall Street's positive mood to boost the stock market in the upcoming weeks. Traditionally, the yearend rally kicks off ahead of Thanksgiving, as Americans prepare to celebrate with friends and family. To ensure that the Ultimate Growth Buy List is properly aligned for the seasonal strength and yearend rally I'm anticipating, we're making several changes today. Specific... Read more

Dividend Growth11.22.2017

A Light News Week

In light of the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, I'm sending your Weekly Update a few days early. So far, it's been a light week in regards to company news and overall economic data. But before you turn your attention to family, friends, food and football, let's take a brief moment to review what's been happening in the stock market and with our stocks. In today's Weekly Update, we'll review how our Buy List stocks have continued to outperform the broader indices in November. We'll also discus... Read more

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