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When a Dip Is a Good Thing...


A dip in one of your favorite company's stock prices is no need to sell. In fact, many times it's a good thing. In today's blog I want to reveal to you one of my favorite stocks, as well as why today's dip in its share price, in my opinion, is a very good thing…

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04.20.2018 Five Key Economic Reports for This Week

04.19.2018 Solid Earnings Doesn't Mean a Solid Buy


An Incredible Start to Earnings Season

The stock market was finally able to push aside all the trade war fears and political drama to focus on what really matters: Earnings. This week, the first-quarter earnings season got underway, and as expected, the results have been stunning. In fact, we had seven Buy List companies release results from the most-recent quarter, and all seven topped analysts' earnings estimates! So it's no wonder that our Buy List nicely outperformed the broader indices in the past week. In your Weekly Updat... Read more

Emerging Growth04.20.2018

Refocusing on Earnings

April is finally living up to its reputation of being a seasonally strong month. Since April 2, the S&P 500 has climbed more than 4% higher. A nice chunk of these gains came in the past week, as Wall Street refocused its attention on the first-quarter earnings season and positive economic data. In today's Weekly Update, we'll discuss how the spring thaw is boosting economic activity in the U.S. and helping to support higher stock prices. In addition, our first round of earnings reports will s... Read more

Ultimate Growth04.23.2018

A Strong Start to 1Q Earnings Season

The first-quarter earnings announcement season is off to a fantastic start! So far, we've had three Buy List companies report results from the latest quarter. Two topped analysts' estimates by an average 21.4%, and Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) posted in-line earnings results. We'll review all three of these earnings reports in today's Weekly Profit Guide. In addition, we have seven Buy List companies scheduled to release results this week. I'm expecting more stunning earnings—and for our Ultimate Gr... Read more

Dividend Growth04.20.2018

Dividend Growth Stocks Step into the Spotlight

Wall Street's attention shifted away from all the political rumblings on Capitol Hill to focus on the stunning start to the first-quarter earnings season. Both the S&P 500 and Dow climbed higher this week, as better-than-expected earnings reports supported stock prices. Celanese Corporation (CE) and Mobile Mini, Inc. (MINI) kicked of the earnings season for us here at Dividend Growth. Celanese topped earnings estimates, and its nice bounce higher helped support our Buy List. We'll take a few... Read more

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