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My 5 Favorite Dividend Stocks for Right Now

09.21.2017 Income-hungry investors know the stock market usually yields more than fixed income alternatives. That’s why as Treasury bond yields moved higher last week, dividend growth stocks exploded. In today’s blog, I’ll reveal to you the names and ticker symbols of my five favorite dividend growth stocks to capitalize on this momentum right now. Read more

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Your October Blue Chip Growth Issue

I'm pleased to bring you your October Issue of Blue Chip Growth. Before we begin, I want to extend my thoughts to those impacted by the recent hurricanes. The destruction left in the wakes of hurricanes Harvey and Irma are a powerful reminder of the reach of Mother Nature. But it's also awakened the one-of-a-kind American spirit of community and determination. My family and I were at home in Florida over the weekend, and we endured the unbelievably swift winds and rain that Hurricane Ir... Read more

Emerging Growth09.15.2017

A Narrowing Stock Market

As fears about North Korea and Hurricane Irma ebbed this week, the stock market recovered nicely. In fact, the S&P 500 and Dow both broke through new highs this week. Clearly, the stock market is on track to defy the seasonal weakness that often plagues the month of September. In today's Weekly Update, we'll discuss how a stock market narrows as it climbs higher—and what this means for our Emerging Growth Buy List. We'll also review the latest company news from the week and take a closer loo... Read more

Ultimate Growth09.18.2017

Stock Market Breaks New Highs

The stock market has continued to recover in the wake of Hurricane Irma, with both the S&P 500 and Dow opening at new highs this morning. Our own Ultimate Growth Buy List trekked higher in the past week, more than doubling the S&P 500's performance. Overall, the strength in the stock market and our Buy List is very encouraging, especially as we head into the second half of September. So in today's Weekly Profit Guide, we'll review recent action in the broader indices, as well as with our Buy... Read more

Dividend Growth09.15.2017

September 2017 Dividend Growth Issue

It's been more than 18 months since I launched the Dividend Growth service back in February 2016. But the recent Dividend Growth survey revealed that several of you have questions about Dividend Grader, where to find dividend payment dates and why our average yield isn't higher. So in the September Dividend Growth monthly issue, I'll take some time to address these three questions. The reality is that Dividend Growth is focused on stocks that offer the best in terms of fundamentals, buying p... Read more

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