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Another Stock Buyback, Another Great Company


As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, stock buybacks are a big deal for several reasons. Well, today, I want to share with you another one of my favorite companies offering a generous buyback program right now. When you couple this recent news with this stock’s fundamentals, you’ll quickly see why this company is one of my personal favorites.... Read more

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The Power of Stock Buybacks and Dividends

This week, we received an excellent reminder about the importance of an investing strategy that goes beyond sales and earnings. That’s because, after several weeks of blowout earnings announcements, we had our first two earnings misses on the Buy List. On top of that, we had a high-profile upset with one of our retail stocks and some profit taking in one of our tech stocks. In most cases, I’d say “ouch.” However, our Buy List still outperformed the Dow and S&P 500 this week. In this Weekly Up... Read more

Emerging Growth05.18.2018

Persistent Buying Pressure Drives Stocks Higher

Our Emerging Growth Buy List stocks have shown incredible relative strength over the past two weeks. As you know, stunning first-quarter results from the bulk of our Emerging Growth stocks is what has driven our Buy List higher recently. And given persistent buying pressure, many of our Buy List stocks are trading well above their current buy limits. So in today's Weekly Update, we'll review our Emerging Growth stocks' recent performance and why you should not chase our stocks. We'll also lo... Read more

Ultimate Growth05.21.2018

A Distracted Wall Street

What we’ve all come to realize in 2018 is that it doesn’t take much to distract Wall Street. Earlier this year, trade war fears, brewing inflation and weak retail sales captured many investors attention and sent the stock market on a roller coaster ride. And now that first-quarter earnings season is drawing to a close, it looks like the Street is back to “reacting” first and “thinking” later. As a result, the stock market bounced around in the past week, with investors reacting to the headlin... Read more

Dividend Growth05.18.2018

Wall Street Focuses on Rising Yields

Wall Street's attention shifted this week, as the 10-year Treasury rose above 3.1% on Thursday. Clearly, a robust U.S. economy is driving Treasury yields higher—and that has many Wall Streeters fearing more aggressive key interest rate hikes this year. So in today's Weekly Update, we'll take a closer look at the recent economic data that has supported Treasury yields recent surge higher, as well as my outlook for interest rates in the near term. Now, while most of Wall Street was focused on ... Read more

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