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65 Upgrades and Downgrades for the Week

11.20.2017 During these busy times, it pays to stay on top of the latest profit opportunities. And today's blog post should be a great place to start. After taking a close look at the latest data on institutional buying pressure and each company's fundamental health, I decided to revise my Portfolio Grader recommendations for 65 big blue chips. Chances are that you have at least... Read more

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Your December Blue Chip Growth Issue

I’m pleased to bring you your December Issue of Blue Chip Growth. And I’m happy to report that we are in the midst of the seasonally strong time of year! Specifically, December is one of the strongest months of the year for the stock market. In fact, only April is a seasonally stronger month, according to our friends at Bespoke. Not surprisingly, our Buy List has been thriving from this seasonal strength. Blue Chip Growth stocks have more than doubled the S&P 500’s and Dow’s performance ... Read more

Emerging Growth11.17.2017

Tremendous Relative Strength

Our Emerging Growth Buy List stocks are flourishing in the current earnings environment and the seasonally strong time of year. In fact, our Buy List surged 3% higher in the past two weeks, while the S&P 500 fell about 0.35%. Tremendous relative strength like this is always a good sign. So in today's Weekly Update, we'll discuss how the third-quarter earnings season supported our stocks and our overall performance during the quarter. I'll also review why I'm looking for our Buy List stocks ... Read more

Ultimate Growth11.20.2017

A Few Buy List Changes Before Thanksgiving

With the third-quarter earnings season largely over and the seasonally strong time of year officially here, I'm looking for Wall Street's positive mood to boost the stock market in the upcoming weeks. Traditionally, the yearend rally kicks off ahead of Thanksgiving, as Americans prepare to celebrate with friends and family. To ensure that the Ultimate Growth Buy List is properly aligned for the seasonal strength and yearend rally I'm anticipating, we're making several changes today. Specific... Read more

Dividend Growth11.17.2017

Strong Earnings Environment Persists

The third-quarter earnings announcement season is winding down, and the results were clear: We remain in one of the best earnings environments in years. In fact, the S&P 500's third-quarter earnings results were nearly double analysts' forecasts from September. In today's Weekly Update, we'll review the third-quarter earnings season and the outlook for earnings for the fourth quarter. We'll also discuss why our Buy List stocks showed tremendous relative strength in the past week, and why tha... Read more

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