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Blue Chip Growth

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This list is for those of you who like stocks with a good track record. Below I've listed the top three stocks by the Dividend Reliability grade. This grade, which is listed under "Dividend Fundamentals" on the individual stock report page, indicates how consistently the company has paid a dividend in the past. Now, you may notice that one or more of these stocks isn't an A-rated Strong Buy, or even a B-rated Buy. And that's intentional–this list simply features the best-of-the-best when it comes to dividend reliability, but there may be other variables that the company needs to improve. To learn more about my Dividend Grader Formula, click here..

Total Portfolio Grade: B

Compare Selected Compare Stock Current Price Today's Change Total Dividend Grade Total Dividend Grade YieldYield Volatility Stock Report

AES Corporation

$11.11-0.18%B 4.26% Conservative View AES Corporation

"A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc."

A 1.88% Conservative View

"Abaxis, Inc."

C 1.26% Conservative View
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