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Blue Chip Growth

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Below you'll see the top three stocks by current annual dividend yield. As a refresher, the annual dividend yield is a company's annual dividend divided by the current stock price. It shows what percentage of the stock's price you receive in dividend payments each year. Of course, a hefty dividend yield isn't everything, so this list also features only stocks with an A-rated Total Dividend Grade. To learn more about my Dividend Grader Formula, click here.

Total Portfolio Grade: A

Compare Selected Compare Stock Current Price Today's Change Total Dividend Grade Total Dividend Grade YieldYield Volatility Stock Report

DryShips Inc.

$2.53-0.49%A 152.59% Aggressive View DryShips Inc.

Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust

A 18.66% Conservative View Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust

ECA Marcellus Trust I

A 18.18% Conservative View ECA Marcellus Trust I
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