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These days when it comes to investing advice, I know how many resources you have at your fingertips, so I'm honored to have you here at

My name is Louis Navellier and I'm the creator and founder of this website.  I've been investing for more than 30 years and manage several billion dollars for individuals and institutions around the country. I'm telling you this because I want you to know that I'm someone who's serious about investing and has a documented record of beating the market.

I believe in giving individual investors like you the same advantages that the big investment firms do.  So here at you'll find a number of FREE tools to help you make smarter, more effective investing decisions.

For those of you who may want a bit more guidance, I also have four unique investing services that offer continuous buy/sell advice on a portfolio of stocks: Blue Chip Growth, Emerging Growth, Quantum Growth and Global Growth. Thousands of individual investors subscribe to these services and I take my commitment to helping them beat the market in each and every service very seriously.

My Stock-Picking Formula

As you may have guessed from the name of this website, I'm a growth investor. My strategy is to uncover healthy, vital, growing companies.

Value investing in the manner of Warren Buffett will reward investors who find undervalued companies. And index investing is for those satisfied with keeping pace with the overall market. But growth investing—finding the real power-engine companies pushing the economy forward—is what I have found to be the most potent strategy for building lasting wealth.

So what's my secret to finding growth stocks that beat the market?

I use a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis. In the simplest terms, it means I'm a numbers geek. It takes a team of analysts and a super-computer to run my exclusive stock analysis—and we do it every week.

Let me give you the cliff notes of how my exclusive stock-picking formula works.

There are 8 key fundamentals that we keep a particularly close eye on.

Free Stock Analysis

You can see my stock analysis in action right now in my stock-rating tool, Portfolio Grader. It's FREE!

While a vigorous amount of number-crunching goes on behind the scenes, Portfolio Grader is designed to give you my analysis in easy-to-interpret A to F letter grades.

In Portfolio Grader, the Quantitative Grade you see measures the buying pressure. The Fundamental Grade you see evaluates the stock's fundamentals. Blend those two grades together and what you get is the Total Grade with my current buy, sell or hold recommendation.

Free Portfolio Analysis, Too

Portfolio Grader also does exactly what it says it will do: Grade your portfolio. Simply plug in any combination of stocks and Portfolio Grader will conduct a thorough analysis. You'll find the Total Portfolio Grade as well as my Portfolio Review at the bottom of your customized page.

Remember Portfolio Grader is 100% free, so in just seconds you can see how your own portfolio measures up right now.

If you need to make any changes, the resources here at can help.

After all, my mission is to help empower you to make smarter, more profitable investing decisions.  So dive into our website, and discover the difference investing the Navellier way can make to your portfolio. Tools:

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