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  • Precise Buy Below Prices: Navellier's formula calculates specific Buy Below prices for the stocks trading each week. These prices are calculated to help you decrease your risk, and maximize your return.
  • Navellier's Top 4 Stocks: These stocks are a great place to begin investing, or to add to your current holdings when you have cash available. They're the hottest moving stocks on the Platinum Model Portfolio.
  • Specific Buy and Sell Prices: Navellier provides specific entry and exit points to help you lock in gains and prevent losses in turbulent conditions.
  • Flash Alerts: If urgent market news breaks during the week, Navellier will email you right away to explain what's happening and what it means for your Platinum Growth stocks.

Top Small-cap Stocks

The Emerging Growth Buy List consists of about 30 of today's best small- to mid-cap stocks—from a variety of sectors. The Buy List contains specific Buy Below prices and is always sorted into 3 categories of portfolio risk—Conservative, Moderately Aggressive or Aggressive—so you can buy according to your personal risk tolerance.

Stock Focus: Small- to Mid-cap stocks

Frequency of Trades: Once a month

Track Record: 9-to-1 advantage over the S&P 500

Beating the Market 3-to-1 Emerging Growth

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