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Stock Report: John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT) Report Updated: Oct 21, 2017 | Print This Page

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John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT)

Rating: Hold Volatility: Conservative
Total Grade: C Industry: Machinery
Competitors: GGG,DE,FTV,B

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Company Profile

John Bean Technologies Corporation designs, manufactures, tests, and services products and systems for food processing and air transportation industries. It operates through JBT FoodTech and JBT AeroTech segments. The company provides protein processing equipment for use in mixing/grinding, injecting, marinating, tumbling, portioning, coating, frying, and freezing meat, seafood, and poultry, as well as ready-to-eat meals, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and bakery products; and liquid foods processing equipment for filling, closing, and sterilization of fruits, vegetables, soups, sauces, dairy, pet food products, and ready-to-eat meals in various packages, as well as to extract, concentrate, and aseptically process citrus, tomato and other fruits, vegetables, and juices. It also offers automatic guided vehicles for use in material handling in the food and beverage, manufacturing, warehouse, automotive, hospital, and printing industries. In addition, the company provides mobile air transportation equipment, such as commercial and military cargo loading, aircraft deicing, aircraft towing, and ground aircraft power and cooling systems; and airport gate equipment for passenger boarding, as well as maintenance services for airport equipment, systems, and facilities. It offers food processing solutions for multi-national and regional industrial food processing companies, as well as air transportation solutions to airport authorities, passenger airlines, airfreight and ground handling companies, and military forces through direct sales force, independent distributors, and sales representatives in the United States and internationally. John Bean Technologies Corporation is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.