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There's no doubt about it. Louis Navellier has established one of the most exceptional long-term track records of any financial newsletter editor in America. Launched in 1997, Navellier's popular Blue Chip Growth service, which focuses on more conservative large-cap stocks, has gained 343% in those 18 years. Those returns outpace the S&P 500 by nearly 3-to-1. His longest-running publication, Emerging Growth (formerly MPT Review), has gained 1,198% in the last 12 years. Those returns outpace the S&P 500 by 6-to-1.

Navellier proves you CAN trounce the market when you buy and hold the right stocks.

"Navellier's Blue Chip Growth named one of the Top 10 Best Performing Newsletters in the past five years"
-Hulbert Financial Digest

"Louis Navellier has had a most enviable long-term investment record."
-Steve Forbes

"Louis Navellier is an icon among growth stock investors"
-New York Times

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Louis Navellier's Blue Chip GrowthBlue Chip Growth Graph

Winner's Circle

Stock Sector Gain
Baidu Web Software 204% Internet Retail 180%
AmBev Beverages 161%
Apple Inc. Computers 152%
Regeneron Pharma Biotechnology 130%
Novo Nordisk Biotechnology 105%
Reynolds American Cigarettes 102%
Vipshop Holdings Discount Variety Stores 90%
Limited Brands Inc. Apparel Stores 86%
Alexion Pharma Biotechnology 82%

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Louis Navellier's Emerging GrowthEmerging Growth Graph

Winner's Circle

Stock Sector Gain
Vipshop Holdings Internet Retail 751%
Repligen Biotechnology 312%
Bitauto Holdings Internet Software/Services 220%
DepoMed Pharmaceuticals 169%
PDF Solutions System Software 155%
3D Systems Corp. Electronic Equipment 117%
HCI Group Property & Casualty Insurance 110%
Acadia Healthcare Medical/Nursing Services 74%
United Insurance Holdings Company Miscellaneous 66%
IGI Laboratories Household/Personal Care 66%

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Louis Navellier's Ultimate GrowthUltimate Growth Graph

Winner's Circle

Stock Gain Time Held
Vipshop Holdings 487% 48 Weeks
Bitauto 210% 31 Weeks
SouFun 109% 50 Weeks
Avago Technologies 95% 82 Weeks
Caesarstone 96% 61 Weeks
TAL Education Group 90% 69 Weeks
Seiko Epson 88% 69 Weeks
Edenor SA 68% 49 Weeks
China Distance Education 68% 49 Weeks
Shire 68% 17 Weeks
Vimicro International 53% 38 Weeks
Dot Hill Systems 46% 15 Weeks

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