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Let's switch gears now. While it's fun to travel to new locations and get out of town for a week, finding fun activities close to home is also a great way to relax during the summer.

And just as important as backyard barbeques or cooling off in the swimming pool, catching the latest movie is a seasonal staple. In fact, the movie industry is known for releasing Summer Blockbusters, highly anticipated films they know will profit from all the free time people have to dedicate to movies during the summer.

Of course, more and more people are turning to the comfort of their own home to get their cinematic fix. Why go out and spend a small fortune on tickets and snacks, not to mention have to battle throngs of fellow moviegoers, when you can watch something for cheaper and without the hassle on your own television or computer screen.

That's the mindset that has turned online video services, like Netflix Inc. (NFLX), into multi billion-dollar companies. It's also why other companies, like Amazon (AMZN) have decided to expand their services to include movies, or other media services, that will cash in on the trend of increasing numbers of people looking for home entertainment options.

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