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Sizzling Summer Smackdowns


Sizzling Summer Smackdowns

With the market heading lower again today, it can be difficult to find a reason to buy stocks. And that's exactly why now is such a compelling time to take action while others head for the sidelines. The debt deal is done, and while the economy has much room for improvement, investing now when prices are low is exactly what smart investors are doing right now.

To help you chose which stocks are best for your money this summer, I've lined two pairs of competing companies that we're going to size up. I like to call this my stock smackdown–where we'll take a look at each stock's fundamentals, recent performance and several other factors to decide how they stack up against one another and which one's the best for your money.

A lot of investors like to take a break from the market during the summer season. By doing so, they miss out on some important trends. I don't want you to succumb to their fate–being behind the eight ball when volume returns to the market and stocks start their inevitable rise.

Today we're going to take a look at a few stocks that benefit from all the leisure time consumers have during the summer months. So let's go ahead and see who will prove victorious in two showdowns.


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