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Top 5 under $20


Top 5 under $20

What can $20 buy you? Nowadays, it doesn't seem like much.
Depending on where you are and what you drive a $20 bill may buy you half a tank of gas, if you're lucky. You could buy 2 movie tickets or dinner for 2 at a fast food place. Perhaps, if you're really thrifty you can stretch $20 to pay for your lunch for a week.

It's no secret that the dollar doesn't stretch as far as it used to. On the stock market, it could take a few hundred dollars to buy a single share of your big name companies like Apple (APPL), Mastercard (MA) or Amazon (AMZN). That being said, it's important to know that there are some untapped springs of wealth you can dive into at bargain prices.

Put away your Benjamins and get out your Andrew Jacksons. I've put together a list of five stocks that you can establish a position in for less than $20 per share. In no time, you'll see you profits multiply as these top-rated stocks take off.

Start learning more about these great values now.  

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