Louis Navellier

Editor and Founder, Portfolio Grader 500


Renowned Growth Investor and Champion for the Individual Investor

It all started with a homework assignment…

When Louis Navellier was a grad student at Cal State Hayward some 30 years ago, his professor gave him an assignment that would change his life: Create a model that would mimic the S&P 500.

His professor wanted to prove that indexing was the best way to invest. Using Wells Fargo’s powerful mainframe computers, Louis completed his assignment–but there was one little problem.

He didn’t just mirror the S&P’s performance, he actually beat it!

This formed the basis of a very valuable lesson, something 80% of investors fail to understand: Stock selection in growth stocks can deliver far superior returns to passive index investing. Why settle for merely keeping pace with the market, when you can beat it some 3-to-1?

A Renowned Record for Beating the Market

Once Louis Navellier discovered this market-beating formula, he devoted extensive time and resources to testing, refining and validating his findings. In 1980, Navellier launched his own independent investment newsletter for individual investors called MPT Review. His goal was simple: To uncover Wall Street’s inconsistencies and help individual investors beat the market with less risk in the market’s best growth stocks. Since Louis launched his flagship large-cap stock service Growth Investor in 1997, he has beat the market by 3-to-1.

Today, Louis Navellier helps tens of thousands of investors achieve their financial dreams through his unique investment services:

One of his longest-running services is designed to help investors be tax-efficient and is therefore categorized as a buy-and-hold service. Breakthrough Stocks has a slightly shorter investment horizon and helps investors generate market-beating profits in small- and mid-cap stocks. Growth Investor applies the same market-beating formula used in Breakthrough Stocks to strictly low-risk, large-cap stocks. He also recommends stocks that provide increasing dividend payments. Subscribers can select stocks from a variety of risk classes to build a portfolio according to personal risk tolerance.

Navellier’s next service is designed to help investors make quick profits through weekly trading recommendations. This service is fast-paced in terms of both trading and profit-taking. Accelerated Profits hones in on the market’s top 0.5% of both domestic and international stocks about to be hit with a massive growth surge.

The newest Navellier service combines his proprietary stock-picking system with Predictive Alpha to find the best stocks to own over the short term. AI Advantage allows Louis to put artificial intelligence into the hands of everyday investors who want to learn to make more money, every single week.

Navellier’s remaining service is the Platinum Growth Club, which is a total wealth system that combines the market beating advantage of Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, Accelerated Profits and AI Advantage. The best stocks in these services are featured in an exclusive Model Portfolio.

A Champion for the Individual Investor

Navellier’s market-beating formula is no secret. In fact, he’s made it 100% accessible to any investor…at any time…without any cost. Simply log on to his exclusive stock-rating database called Portfolio Grader to see for yourself.

You’ll see Navellier’s proven formula for finding growth stocks that beat the market combines one part powerful fundamentals–such as sales growth and operating margin–and two parts a powerful quantitative indicator that indicates buying pressure.

Best of all, Portfolio Grader interprets reams of data each and every week and outputs it in easy-to-interpret letter grades. So in just seconds you can receive Navellier’s buy/sell/hold advice on nearly 5,000 Wall Street stocks. Just like a school report card A’s are the best and indicate buys, while F’s are the worst and indicate sells. Remember, access is 100% free!

And for investors who are focused on dividend income, Dividend Grader is the stock grading tool for you. Dividend Grader can be used in the same way as Portfolio Grader, but it focuses on four critical characteristics of superior dividend stocks. Again, access is free!

Navellier is also the author of The Little Book That Makes You Rich, the fourth installment in the acclaimed Little Book, Big Profits series. SFO Magazine named it one of the Top 10 Investing Books of 2007. Once you open the book, you’ll discover Navellier’s secrets for beating the market for over 20 years–which includes an extensive how-to guide to his eight-point market-beating formula and details on how to maximize his Portfolio Grader stock-screening tool.

A Respected Leader On and Off Wall Street

Louis Navellier is no stranger to Wall Street. He manages more than $1 billion in private and institutional accounts through his fund management company, Navellier & Associates.

The New York Times called him “an icon among growth stock investors” and the media frequently turns to Louis for his expert opinion. He makes regular appearances on CNBC and Fox Business News and is frequently quoted by MarketWatch and Bloomberg.

As successful an investor as he is, Navellier never forgets where he came from. The son of a stonemason, Louis understands the importance of plain hard work–which explains why he and his analysts roll up their sleeves every weekend to find the best stocks trading on Wall Street today.

He credits Cal State Hayward’s year-round curriculum, which allowed him to graduate from college by the age of 20, for providing him with a solid foundation in business and economics–not to mention giving him access to the tools that helped him discover his market-beating breakthrough. Navellier serves as a trustee of the Cal State East Bay Education Foundation and has pledged to give $500,000 to the school over the next few years.

Above all, Louis Navellier is a family man. He is husband to Wendy and father to three children, Natalie, Chase and Crystal. His greatest hope is that his tireless work ethic rubs off on his children and helps them succeed in all of their endeavors.